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Aversion Data
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Human Aversion
Bitrex is the most bitter substance yet discovered. It is used principally as an aversive agent to prevent accidental or deliberate ingestion of many products.

Parts per Billion! Bitrex can be detected by taste at 10ppb and is recognisably bitter at 50ppb (1). For the purpose of denaturing alcohol, Bitrex is added at a rate of between 6ppm and 50ppm (depending on national regulations). In other applications, generally 10 to 100ppm is sufficient.

We know that the Bitrex addition level is formulation dependent. Every product displaying the Bitrex logo will have passed through our standardised taste testing protocol to determine the effective Bitrex dosage.

Animal Aversion
Several animal species (including dogs, cats, pigs, horses and deer) have been shown to be sensitive to bitterness, although to a lesser degree than humans.
For further details, please contact Macfarlan Smith or our authorised agent.

1. A trial to determine detection and bitterness recognition threshold of Bitrex hydrate and denatonium saccharide. Inveresk Research International report. No3189 (September 1984)

Where is Bitrex used ?