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Bitrex - the bitter solution
Today's retail environment is more competitive than ever. Not only are the major retailers fighting to maximise their share of the market, with the growth of private label products, they are competing against the major brands. Retailers are always looking to innovate to ensure that they have that extra differentiation from the branded products other than just price.

Neilson's report on Private Label shows an increase in the overall market share for Private Label, with 2006 UK Private Label sales accounting for 43.3%, up from 41.8% in 2005. However Private Label Household Cleaners and Detergents have lost ground:-

  • Liquid Disinfectants down 10.3%
  • Lavatory Cleaners down 17.3%
  • Multipurpose Liquids down 11.9%
  • Cream Cleaners down 15.7%
  • Washing Up Liquids down 10.8%
  • Fabric Softeners down 11.3%
  • Liquid Detergents down 7.4%

Bitrex fits the bill perfectly and can help reverse the decline in market share. Bitrex adds value to the product. By using Bitrex, retailers can demonstrate that they are concerned for the well-being of their customers and that they take product safety seriously. It can also be highlighted as an ideal case study for your CSR Reports.

This section will demonstrate how our partnership works and the protocols that are in place to ensure that when Bitrex is added to a product, it has been fully tested, giving the retailer and consumer confidence that if the worst happens, Bitrex can help reduce the likelihood of accidental ingestion.

Where is Bitrex used ?