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Service and Support
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Macfarlan Smith has a dedicated technical service, provided free of charge to Bitrex trademark users. This support includes efficacy testing, analytical support, and access to our extensive data package.

Taste Testing
Human efficacy testing, known as Taste Testing, is used to determine the minimum concentration of Bitrex required for aversion.

It is carried out using a standardised protocol which allows us to

  • establish the minimum effective levels of Bitrex
  • ensure your use of Bitrex is cost-effective.

Macfarlan Smith conducts these proprietary tests using independent facilities, which include a UKAS Accredited Laboratory (ISO 17025).

Analytical Support
Macfarlan Smith can also provide analytical support to customers. Our methods are fully validated, and conducted in accordance with the pharmaceutical standards employed at Johnson Matthey Macfarlan Smith. Analysis is employed to determine accurately the concentration of Bitrex in any given formulation. This can help resolve any production, stability or regulatory problems our customers may have.

We have a unique knowledge of the analysis of Bitrex in products as diverse as antifreeze, fabric conditioner and slug baits. Formal analytical reports are generated on completetion of analysis.

Data package
Since the discovery of Bitrex in 1958, Macfarlan Smith has developed an extensive range of knowledge on its properties and applications. Subject to commercial confidentiality, elements of this data package are available to accredited Bitrex customers. This data package continues to be updated, and includes toxicology, environmental, and animal aversion data.

Where is Bitrex used ?