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If you're a manufacturer and interested in using Bitrex in your product, or if you want to find out more about the composition and uses of Bitrex, you can access the secure area of our website.

Why not use Bitrex to put you ahead of the game. It is exceptionally cost effective and can put your products at the head of the queue with the retailers. Promoting your use of Bitrex will enable access to our unrivalled technical support and as discoverers of Bitrex, we have 50 years of data, studies and expertise that is unmatched - don't be fooled by imitations promising the world!

We can help with regulatory submissions and approvals, with experience of working with the various European initiatives such as REACH and the Plant Protection Directive, US EPA and Canadian DSL.

Bitrex - the bitter solution
Neilson's report on Private Label market share shows Private Label Household Cleaners and Detergents have lost ground from 2005 - 2006:-

  • Liquid Disinfectants down 10.3%
  • Lavatory Cleaners down 17.3%
  • Multipurpose Liquids down 11.9%
  • Cream Cleaners down 15.7%
  • Washing Up Liquids down 10.8%
  • Fabric Softeners down 11.3%
  • Liquid Detergents down 7.4%

Bitrex can help you reverse the decline in market share. Bitrex adds value to the product. By using Bitrex, retailers can demonstrate that they are concerned for the well-being of their customers and that they take product safety seriously. Market research shows consumers would prefer to buy a product containing Bitrex over an equivalent without - make sure they choose your product.

Where is Bitrex used ?