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Provided the licence agreement conditions are met and the Bitrex logo is used correctly Macfarlan Smith will carry out technical work free of charge.

The key points in the Bitrex Licence Agreement are:

  • Products which are to contain Bitrex must be tested by Macfarlan Smith prior to approval. This allows us to confirm that Bitrex is compatible with the formulation and that it will remain at a stable level of bitterness for normal shelf-life of the product.
  • A suitable minimum level of Bitrex to render products sufficiently bitter (normally between 10ppm and 100 ppm) must be agreed.
  • To ensure that the bitterness level remains fully adequate, samples of products using Bitrex logos should be submitted on request to Macfarlan Smith for testing.
  • All artwork for labels, containers, advertising, etc using Bitrex logos must be approved by Macfarlan Smith before use by or sale to the public.
  • Any changes in formulations must be notified (with samples) to Macfarlan Smith prior to release to ensure that the agreed level of Bitrex will continue to be adequate.

Macfarlan Smith will be happy to supply details of Bitrex Trademark Licence Agreements and Bitrex User Agreements, on request. There is no charge associated with these agreements.

Bitrex and the Bitrex logos (and any translations of them) are trademarks of Macfarlan Smith and may not be used or reproduced in any form on labels, artwork, containers, in advertising or publicity material or in any way without express permission in writing from Macfarlan Smith.

Where is Bitrex used ?